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 Your Families Are Our Priority

Discrete & Dignified Transportation


M.A.R.S. offers many mortuary support services. These services include standard removal and transfers,  nursing homes removals, residential removals, and airport deliveries. We also offer the service of death certificate retrieval.

We believe in the strength of numbers and we extend our staff and vehicles to your establishment to ensure day to day operations run seamlessly.  There are many benefits to using our services such as a reduction of fuel and employee cost, insurance savings, and peace of mind that you have a reliable unit ready to be dispatch 24/7.




Each decedent is treated with the utmost dignity and respect as they are transported to receive their final preparations. 

Our transporters are registered with the Maryland State Board of Morticians and are trained to respect the families grieving process while providing efficient and dignified transportation. All of our transporters adhere to the traditional black tie service and dress code that funeral establishments were built upon.  



We currently have four registered vehicles that service the entire state of Maryland. Each vehicle has a load capacity of two mortuary stretchers and is maintained on regular bases. We also have a 4x4 suv for inclement weather conditions. 


Mid-Atlantic Removal Service or  (M.A.R.S.) is a 24/7 mortuary support service located in Halethorpe, Maryland. We strive to provide timely and professional mortuary transportation throughout the state of Maryland. 


We offer an on-call service that aids funeral homes in their time of need to retain staff members and give extra reinforcements. We allow establishments the additional support they may need while keeping staff costs low by using our services. We also offer emergency response services for the Chief Medical Examiner's Office (O.C.M.E.) and State Anatomy Board.


4367 Hollins Ferry Road 4A, 

Halethorpe, Md. 21227

Tel: 410-718-9910

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